MERIDIAN – Main Hall

1400 Seat Capacity hall is designed with an architecture blending contemporary with the classical. The hall is provided with an ample of lobby space and spill over aisles. 70 feet wide stage is fitted with state of the art lighting and sound systems. The interiors are fully air-conditioned for user’s comforts. Dining hall provided eaters to 750 capacity.

UVA MINAL- Mini Hall

The conference / mini hall located below lobby level and has two access, external and internally from lobby. The mini hall has an area of 5000 sq.ft., seating capacity of 450 people. Two green rooms provided. The hall is fully air conditioned it has a air conditioned dining hall with hand wash and toilets. Fire fighting hoses are provided for safety.


Open air theatre/ exhibition centre is designed for the outdoor events and exhibition activities. It covers an area of 35000 sq.ft. and is designed in the form of Greek open air theatre. It accommodates 2500 people. It has a store room, green rooms separate dining and toilets block. All the trees inside the OAT are retained and are well lit, which adds to the charm value. The compound is lined with chiseled stone columns.